Powerful features for every stage of the manufacturing process

Rid your production process of wasted staff-hours dealing with requests, production of the wrong parts at the wrong time, managing information flows, lack of audit trails, and manual processes.

We engineered the MWorx™ platform to reduce time spent mining clients for information by creating a single system for access to all related information. All while providing full traceability, from the cradle to the grave, and standardising automated and guided process flows for enhanced throughput performance.

Discover how MWorx™ automates business processes

How it works

5 steps to levelling up your business processes

Through identifying gaps and understanding the challenges faced by suppliers, we were able to consolidated the multiple software packages used into one neat platform. No more manually stitching multiple formats of data to produce something workable. Track, trace and manage right from the start with MWorx™.

Step 1

Request & Terms

  • Instant quoting
  • Additional file uploads eg: specifications, tolerances and load data etc.
  • Flexibility to Stop/Start-Work at any point in time

Step 2


  • Full visibility of Client’s Request, including material, machine, documents, inventory etc.
  • 3D viewer of part ordered

Step 3

Quotation & Order

  • Comprehensive base-line guided visual workflow
  • System generated quotation email
  • System generated order email

Step 4


  • Full documentation of processes and routings for certification, repeatability and compliance
  • Machine assignment and manufacturing workflow
  • Workcentre management of 3D printing, CNC, sanding, painting, packing etc.
  • Material Management and stock level control

Step 5

Invoice & Collection

  • System generated invoice email
  • Payment terms workflow (pay before manufacture, pay before shipment, pay within 30 days after delivery, etc)
  • Real time feedback for clients on when part is ready for collection or shipped

Empower your clients with the MWorx™ client portal

The Client Dashboard is the most important page for your client. It provides access to all the important functions of the platform. The dashboard includes a quick overview of the status of all their requests and allows an “Instant Quote” functionality straight from the homepage letting them place an order within a matter of minutes. With the capability to upload additional files this portal ensures nothing gets missed.

Always let your clients know where their stuff is realtime

Because manufacturing has many moving parts and having instant visibility on which part is in which stage production is vital keeping the wheels turning. With MWorx™ essential details are displayed in an easy to read format with more details available at the click of a button. The status of every order is displayed to provide your client with certainty and transparency throughout the manufacturing process.

Tailor visual workflows as and how you like it to be

Create visual workflows allowing full visibility and tracking of progress throughout the process while informing your client of the states. The workflow history provides a detailed view of which employee signed-off on each state of the workflow. The workflow engine allows an infinite amount of custom workflows, allowing you unprecedented control over your business

Delegate and manage across your business

Workflow activities are tailored for each employee that is part of the process. Employee roles define which tasks and activities are visible to ensure that the correct person completes the job in a traceable manner. Manage roles and activities as you wish. assigning various employees to the multiple roles and permissions on the go.

Get going with already setup baseline process and workflows

Because you can’t afford to halt production while you are setting up we have created a baseline process and workflow to keep things moving while we help setup a tailored workflow and process to suit your needs.

Synchronise data from start to finish

Keep track of every file and version. All linked documents are stored in an easy to access location. Parts are managed as distinct entities, which allows all related documents to be linked to it. All files are revision controlled, allowing parties to access previous revision if the need arises.

Never get left in the dark with our dedicated development and support teams

Hands-on setup to stabilise and visualise your processes

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